We used to sell mastectomy swimsuits that all had the same sized pockets in them. We soon realized this was not practical as each ladies journey and prosthesis shapes were totally different.
In Perth we are able to refer customers to a lady here who will customize and sew in the pockets for them in our chlorine resistant swimsuits. She charges around $30 per pocket to do this. To off set this charge we reduce the cost of our swimsuits by $30 per pocket so that ladies who need a mastectomy swimsuit are not penalized. After all this is not something they have by choice and usually mastectomy swimwear is more expensive than regular swimwear because of the extra construction.
We have been doing this for several years now and have not advertised it publically but through word of mouth and notifying the relevant agencies we have been able to look after many ladies.
As our internet business has expanded considerably now I often get asked for mastectomy swimsuits from ladies interstate. We have not been able to help them previously because of location and also demand on our seamstress. Now I feel we should offer the $30 off per pocket on any of our chlorine resistant swimwear to interstate and country ladies who need to have pockets sewn in. I am sure you will be able to find a local seamstress who can help you.
When ordering you should bear in mind that lower necklines, cross overs, and under wires are not usually suitable. Our staff can help if you contact us: contact@theswimshp.com.au

As this section of our website gets established we will add links to agencies and support groups that have helped my family on its journey.

Best regards