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About Us

I started working for a small West Australian company called SEEKERS AUSTRALIA in the early 70's. Over the years the company grew to become one of the leading swimwear manufacturers in Australia. Our brand SUNSEEKER became a household name and we were also the licensees for JANTZEN which is one of the most famous swimwear labels in the world. I was the marketing manager for the JANTZEN and POOLPROOF divisions of the company.

In 2005 the license to sell these brands in Australia was sold to the SKYE GROUP in Sydney and everything closed down in Western Australia and we were all left without jobs. I was too young to retire and too old to learn a new trade so I mortgaged my house and bought THE SWIM SHOP and started my own swimwear company. I have been very fortunate that I have been able to retain the services of many of the highly skilled people I worked with for so many years.

I must acknowledge the invaluable input of Cheryl, Helen, Jean and Lai, Carol and Mike, Russell, Elaine, Lisa, Janine, Kate, Ruk, Pam, Jax, Tracy, Jasmine, Jo, Pauline, Lauren, Nikki and of course my tolerant and understanding wife Susie and my four beautiful daughters Vicki, Loo, Jody and Melle.

I accept that I am not a good businessman and I hate accounting but I am proud of what we have been able to achieve. I pay all my bills on time and what's more important is that my staff are still able to use their specialist skills to produce and sell swimwear in Australia and in turn pay off their cars and mortgages.

I believe we have one of the finest and most comprehensive chlorine resistant swimwear ranges you will find anywhere. Some of our styles are classic shapes that you will find in many ranges however we have been able to fine tune the fit and in many cases re-engineer the inner construction to most suit our customers.

Incidentally if I wasn't proud of our product I wouldn't put my daughters name, Loo Taylor, on it.

Best Regards